All stationeries are available for Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail and IncrediMail.  The EML files are for Windows Vista Mail, to download .eml files you will require WinZip or JustZIPit (freeware).  The EXE files are for Outlook Express, they will automatically unzip into your stationery folder.  The IMF files are for IncrediMail they will download automatically into your IncrediMail style box in a folder marked 'Val's Stationery Creations'.   Please note the descriptions under most stationery samples throughout my web site do not apply to IncrediMail.  Some stationeries may not appear correct in edit, but once sent the stationery will look correct.

Windows 7 and 8 users please note Thunderbird and Postbox and any other email that supports EML files will enable you to use stationery from my web site.

Two thirds of my stationeries are in the Members Area click for information on becoming a Member.

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*Disclaimer - All stationeries, blinkies and tags on my site are for personal use only. They are not to be used for profit of any kind. I have made my graphics using Paint Shop Pro; with my personal and family photography, plus various tubes and images found in public domains on the internet. It is my understanding that these tubes and images are free to use, so if there are any copyrights to any of these images, or if I need to give someone credit, then please let me know by providing me with substantial proof.

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